Improving performance of vagrant shared folders

19 Mar 2016 in Vagrant, Development

At first, install the nfs server package on your linux host. On ubuntu this can be done with:

sudo apt-get install nfs-kernel-server

In the Vagrantfile, mount the shared folders using these options:

type: "nfs", nfs_udp: false, mount_options: ["rw", "tcp", "nolock", "noacl", "async"]

Also, you can use cachefilesd on the guest machine like this:

sudo apt-get install cachefilesd
sudo echo "RUN=yes" > /etc/default/cachefilesd

and add the "fsc" option in the mount_options above.

If you are using the chef provisioner, you can install cachefilesd by using this recipe:

package "cachefilesd" do
  action :install

file "/etc/default/cachefilesd" do
  content <<-EOF
  action :create