Output amount via Currency library in OpenCart

20 Jan 2017 in OpenCart

For those in a hurry, here is an example on how to output an amount via OpenCart's Currency library from inside a view file:

<?= $this->registry->get("currency")->format($amount) ?>

Eg a value of 200.50 is outputted as 250,50€ (assuming a Greek locale).

If you also need to do some math based on an existing number (formatted as a string with currency code), you may do something like this:

// in order to convert "200,50€" to 200.50
$convertToFloat = function($s) {
    // yeah I know... at least this gets the job done
    return (float)str_replace(",", ".", $s);
<?= $this->registry->get("currency")->format($convertToFloat($price) * 1.24) ?>